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Power Battery Co.
FT-12180 - 12volt 180a/h - Front access VRLA, advanced absorbed glass MAT technology
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Stock:  No
Item#:  FT-12180
Weight:  136 lbs
Price:  US $504.57
  • Ten year design life in telecom float service
  • A recognized component of UL
  • Valve regulated lead acid battery (VRLA)
  • Absorbed glass mat technology (AGM) with gas recombination greater than 99%
  • Operates at a low internal pressure
  • Never needs watering; minimal maintenance
  • Shock absorbent thick wall construction
  • Advanced lead tin calcium alloy, reduces grid corrosion and promotes long battery life
  • Flame-retardant ABS plastic case and cover compliant with U.L.1778 V-0 with an Oxygen Limiting Index of greater than 28%.
  • Cold forged nonporous terminal bushings; eliminate post leakage
  • Thermally welded case to cover bond; eliminates both acid and electrical leaks
  • Over-sized, through the partition inter-cell welds provide low resistance connections, with minimal power loss
  • Flame arresting, low pressure safety release venting system for individual cells, recognized per U.L. 924
  • Measured high vacuum acid fill, reduces electrical variability between cells
  • Terminal and bussbar covers
  • Carrying handles



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